Friday, January 18, 2008

Can't make this stuff up!

I'm not even sure I know all the details of how this happened.
Here's my theory of what I think took place last night.

Key Players:


My phone

Some Italian Girl

Although I do not call Henry, my married office teammate that often there are certain occasions where I text him about something. For instance, if we are all meeting up for dinner, I will text him the details. Or, like yesterday when I accidentally slept in, I texted him to say that I didn't sleep well and that I would be late. Things of that sort.

Well, in the craziness of life, I never really put two and two together to notice that when Henry would call me a number showed up and not his name. I also didn't belabor the fact that he said he didn't receive my text message about over-sleeping. "Oh well," I thought. "Stupid Vodafone." Hindsight is 20-20.

Last night, I got a call another call from a "restricted number." This has been happening for some time now, but again, I paid the minor fluke no attention. This time differed slightly because I actually answered the call. Enter Some Italian Girl. We had a very awkward interchange of "hellos?" "pronto" "ciao" and the like until she settled on, "Do you understand Italian?" I said yes, and to my surprise I understood exactly everything she said in the conversation that followed! It went something like this:

SIG: "Who are you? You've been texting my boyfriend?!"
Me: "Uh....what?!!"
SIG: "My boyfriend--you've called him!"
Me: "I'm sorry. Who are you?"
SIG: "Celia. Don't call my boyfriend."
Me: "Uh...(whimper)...okay...."
SIG (now known as Celia): "His number is ????????? 19."
Me: "I'm sorry. You said that really fast. What?"
SIG: "?????????? 19. Check it so you don't call him again!"
Me: "Okay. (confused pause as I try to translate something intelligent in my didn't work) Bye."
SIG: "Bye."

Well after that pleasant conversation, I ran into the living room to act it out for my roommates. Somehow, to my great shock, I had become the "other woman" to this poor girl. She must think her boyfriend was caught up with some idiotic American girl who always asked him to dinner and told him she overslept!! We proceeded to laugh until we cried. Then we double checked Henry's number on my phone. And yep, there was one number off. Of course.

Sorry Celia. Wherever you are.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Invasion of the Yellow Jacket

My little red head, yellow-jacket wearing, adorable sister made quite the stir in Firenze.
I am so glad our semi-ridiculous plans actually worked out.
After a tearful and unexpected parting in Frankfurt, we were reunited a mere 24 hours later.
No biggy. :)

Laura had told me she just wanted to see my daily life.
So we went to the grocery store, post office, and ooo yay! the office for work.
She was a trooper.

Of course, I do live in Italy, so we squeezed in a few fun things.

Right now though, I am feeling not-so witty so, let's just take a journey with pictures.
If perhaps my Lorelai-like tendencies do return, I might add some interesting captions.

We took a day trip to Verona with the team leader from Rome, Matt and his brother.
For some reason the "power stance" became very popular that day.

Bridge in Verona.
Hometown of Romeo and Juliet

Matt touching Juliet's boob.
Yes, it is a very awkward tradition, but who are we to buck the years of commitment to feeling up a statue?

Lou and our best friend, Rick.

One of many moments where I just totally wore Lou out.

Classic Asian tourist pose.

Little 21st birthday celebration.

My little Lou experiencing the wonder of cappuccino.
And finally understanding why I get killer headaches in America.

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters....
In a rainy Piazza Signoria.

Dante and small child.

San Gimingnano at dusk.
Pretty. Er, bella.

Emily and Lou so excited to see our train pull up.
We got stuck in Poggibonsi for about 3 hours.
Never heard of it?

Going out on her last night in Italy.
Leather? check.
Tights? check.
Boots? check. check.

Lou, I loved having you here SO MUCH.
No one else makes trains, planes, One Tree Hill, or getting dressed as much fun as you do!

You're swonderful, smarvelous!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Look Who Came to Visit Me!

Sue and Lou together at last.

More pics to come soon.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Time in Tejas

My forced Christmas break has been super fun.
I have been able to hang out with my sister, see my friends, shop at Target and eat endless amounts of Mexican food.
Thank you to all who prayed for my visa!
I leave tomorrow for my home-away-from-home.
Here's the run down of a holiday in the US:

First on the agenda: Decorate Laura's new house in B-ham. I was her slave for four days. Sort of.
Quote of the week: "If you stress me out, I will punch you in the face."--my sweet little sister

(What I like to call "Build your own paisley")

Second on my tour: my friend Wes' wedding.
Our "best" friend Charles kept Claire, Jess, and I highly entertained through out the reception.
Highlights: Jess snorting water out her nose from laughing so hard. Luke turning bright red from implying he was going to marry his girlfriend of a few months--to her mother! The bride's (identical) twin sister giving a toast and saying, "Don't you just think they look like Barbie and Ken?!" To which Charles whispered, "Do you think she's tooting her own horn?"

(Me, Jess, Charles and Claire being very grown up.)

Christmas with the fam was next. We went to the Gaylord to see the ICE show and have a very traditional Mexican fiesta on Christmas eve. Hey, we like to change it up!

(Lou and I with a frozen penguin.)

(Family dinner.)

Last, but not least: Joey's wedding and the chick reunion.
This is what I had really been looking forward to. Brooke came back from Thailand and we were all together for the first time since Lauren's wedding-- 19 months ago!! I finally had someone else to share in my fascination of cheddar cheese and Dr. Pepper. We had a blast hanging out in the ghetto Ramada, laughing hysterically, and just getting to see each other's faces. Thank you Jesus for such good friends.

(My Brookie is back--for a little while at least.)

(The chicks with Em and Joey. Can't believe our Joey is married!!)

And so concludes my time in the States. These three weeks have really been good for me to relax and process through things for next year. I am definitely ready to get back to my friends in Florence. It seems like every time I go back and forth between my two "homes" it gets harder. I love both so much and am so grateful I get to experience both, but I don't know where I fit. I feel like no matter what side of the ocean I am on, a little bit of my heart will always be left on the other side.

I will get to introduce my Lou to this other world of mine these next two weeks, though. Pray for safe and smooth travel, good weather and great time together.

Happy New Year!