Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh my goodness! Did this just happen?

Well last week was Spring Break '08.
Even if we are out of college, Claire and Hay and I still planned quite the killer trip.
With killer pictures, so be prepared.

Here's a breakdown of our itinerary:
Cinque Terre
and the Tuscan hills (on bikes no less!)

My tour guide skills are a little lacking and my History degree is basically a distant memory so many times I either made up some fact about what we were looking at, consulted the all-knowing Rick Steve's, or I was honest and intelligently replied, "This is really old." So, instead of a museum-packed week (gag me) we opted for the more adventurous version of Italy. Hiking, biking, and when Claire left-some hard core shopping. (We love you Cla.) Oh and what makes a fun week even better? I got to say hi to my neighbor The David twice. I may have a minor thing for him.

We were girls with a mission.

2.The great outdoors
3.Good memories
4.Excellent souvenirs

And I have to say: Mission Accomplished.
1. The issue of never knowing how to flush the toilet. Button? Handle? String?
2. Hiking, biking, Mediterranean sunset...hello?
3. The Cuban grandma on our bike tour with hot pink leg warmers. Oh yes.
4. Fantastic leather bags, girls. Really. I am jealous.

A quick reminder: We did take normal, touristy pictures but those are no fun to include. Here are the hilarious moments caught on film in random order.

With no further ado, a glimpse of the week.

This is how the trip started. Claire and I carrying a mattress about 5 blocks in the middle of Florence.
My room perfectly fit three beds--who knew?

Bike riding through the Tuscan hills. Wine tasting tour at Machiavelli's house. Four course lunch with some Irish people.
By far, one of the most perfect days in my 24 years of existence.
The icing on the cake?: This picture.

At the Trevi fountain. Some really nice people from Alaska took our picture. To Alaskans, Texas is really exotic. They made us feel cool. Claire and Hay threw in coins. I abstained. I do not want to go back to Rome.

Claire doing her best Russell Crowe impression.

The Cla's first EVER train ride.
She kept wanting someone to yell, "All aboard!"

What a cute little tower! I want to hug it!

Handheld Yahtzee rules.

If Looks Could Kill 3--The Italian Version.
(This is just for you La.)

Bike riding around the huge wall that surrounds Lucca.
And yes, I flirted with the man for a discount.

Hayley is always up for any new cultural experience.

On the way to Cinque Terre our train started to really smell. Somehow the Italians managed to act nonchalant about the whole thing, but we couldn't stand it. We can't help it, we're just expressive.

Sitting on the roof enjoying the sunset. And being a little goofy.
We had a contest. Mel (far left) won.
We also got yelled at in Italian in the morning for climbing through the window to get on the roof.

The best kind of hike?
Working really hard for 2 hours and then taking a gelato break by the Mediterranean.

Showing off the narrow passageways in Riomaggiore.
And maybe showing off my hard core threads a little too.

Claire channeling one of The Price is Right girls and showing off the itty bitty Smart car.
Notice how it is parked.

Gelato is one of the sure fire ways to get people to love Italy.
Claire mandated that we eat it at least once a day.

Rick comes through once again.
I really think the man should offer me a job.
But, Claire, what is with the hands on the hip action??
I'm pretty sure the Vierling sisters did not teach you that stance...

What Easter Sunday is complete without seeing men in tights?
But the real question is--who else had fireworks on Easter morning?
Yea, I think we got you there.

I'm not sure if we caught our breath or slept at all, but we did make some fun memories.
It's all about the story, right girls?

I loved having you in my Italian world.
So fun to show it off, run for trains together and enjoy la dolce vita with some of my best friends.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Write your own Caption

In order to keep my blog audience attentive in the absence of any real substantial post, I thought I would start an interactive challenge. 

Make a caption for the picture below. 
There is no right or wrong answer.  
This picture already cracks me up with all its subtle awkwardness, so this shouldn't be hard. 
(Click on the picture to see all the lovely details.)

The most creative or (let's be honest) the one that makes me laugh the hardest will be the winner. And that lucky person might even get a special little present from Italy...

Ready, set, be witty!