Saturday, May 19, 2007

Boot Scootin' Boogie

Throw a bunch of Texans in Italy to do ministry and meet students,
Add the Italian obsession with the soap opera Dallas,
A few Chuch Norris fans,
and one little apartment that could....

and you get the Festa di Texas!

Complete with grill, hamburgers, chips and dip, and Garth Brooks.
Texans know how to party.

I was suprised at how excited the Italians were about this party.
I was also suprised at my excitement level.
Spend 8 months outside of Texas--and the state pride just grows exponentially.

What other state could have a party in its honor?
I mean, really, have you ever heard of an Ohio party?
Or a South Dakota party?

No offense to anyone, but seriously--Texas IS the best.
And after packing our tiny apartment with over 40 Italians, they agree with me.

My sweet friend Ilaria and her own cowboy hat.
That's right, she owns one.
Brownie points for her.

Vittorio, a new believer, in Katie's hat.

Our apartment has never looked better.

The football shrine.
It reads:
Things we love about Texas:
country music
Dallas, Houston, Austin
the Texas two step
American Football

We had to give the soccer fans something to disagree about.

Ryan preparing the meat for the amazing hamburgers.

Matt grilling the hamburgers.
He was a popular guy that night.

Boys and their burgers.
I quote Nico, "This is the best sandwich I have ever had."

The line dancing lesson.
Italians are many things: warm, friendly, great cooks...
But, the entire country lacks rhythm, so line dancers they are not.

We had a great turnout.
I'm sure our neighbors hated us.
Or maybe they were just jealous.

It was quite the night.
Italians stay up late.
This is what happens to Americans when we stay up that late.
This is also what happens when Italians bring homemade wine.

I love learning about culture.
After eight months though, sharing my culture was really fun.
I'm sure they all think we ride horses to school and have oil rigs in our backyards, but hey, at least they heard some good ol' country music.