Saturday, December 23, 2006

Visa Schmisa


I have never heard that word more in my life.


It feels like my entire existence hangs in the balance on that word.

It has been almost 3 weeks since we presented our case to the woman in the window.
And we have heard nothing.
Niente. (italian for "absolutely zero".)

The Lord knows I struggle mainly with two things.


So this is just a lovely place to be stuck.

Waiting and not being able to do anything.

I have visited people, read books, checked email far too much, and caught up on Gilmore Girls and Grey's.

I am seriously thinking about cleaning the entire house just to feel productive.

I knew I signed up for an adventure this year, but this really never crossed my mind.
If I didn't trust the Lord and His sovreignty, I might lose it.

As a twenty-something, we already constantly freak out about what to do with our lives.
Its a daily battle.
So being back at home with nothing to do feels very odd.
If ever there was a time to freak out, I think now would be good.

BUT, I know the Lord is good.
I will get to go back to Italy -- and He knows when. (and how.)

So in the meantime I get lots of time to think and pray and read and run and trust.
I really can't complain.

He is all over this visa stuff.
Hello! He made the heavens and the earth.
Visas? Puhleese.

So, I will choose to trust.
'Tis so sweet.

Friday, December 08, 2006

and now its my turn

Lucky me.
I've been tagged.

Some of you may not know about this, but its the newest craze.
And I have been sucked in. Thanks Brookie.

I've been tagged and now I have to tell 5 things you don't know about me.

Here's to sharing secrets!

1) I am afraid of birds. Don’t ask me why. I know it’s an irrational fear. And yes, I have seen the movie.
I hate that they all swarm an area together, it totally disgusts me.
I hate going places where other idiots have fed birds and so the little creeps just come up to you. Hiking trails, St. Marks square in Venice, etc. I cannot relax in those places. If a bird is in my path, I will walk out of my way to get around him.
Beaks, flapping wings, unpredictable little flying feather germy things. I hate even typing about them.
(that picture up there is my worst nightmare)

2) I religiously wear my retainer. This could probably go along with the fact that I have had braces for 43% of my life. There is no way I am going to mess up the work of those 10 years. My orthodontist said I only have to wear the retainer for 5 nights a week, but I do all seven because its easier to remember and I feel better about myself that way. I think the pain of a poor fitting retainer is annoying and wasteful and I just won’t have it.

3) This next one might be apparent if you have ever looked in my shower, but I am addicted to products. I used to list Walgreens as one of my favorite stores. The real basis for this addiction lies in the fact that I truly believe what the product promises will happen. I am completely gullible in the shampoo aisle. Seriously, I am hopeful every time I go to the grocery store that I will find the ONE product that will make my hair perfect. I believe it exists and I will try every shampoo until I find it. One time I even bought shampoo that said it made your hair longer. Longer just by washing it! Don’t tell me you would pass that up—I know I couldn’t.

4) I actually really love school. I know this is not a popular opinion to hold, so that’s why many people don’t really know this. I love reading books and learning and going to class. I even have a thing for taking tests. I am a nerd at heart. Now you know.

5) And lastly, I hate roller coasters, or really, rides of any kind for that matter. Any ride that is fast or intended to be scary—I will not go on. I have been to Six Flags one time and I was forced to go with my physics class in high school. I rode the three wimpiest rides there, only because we had to do calculations on them, and I screamed the entire time. I don’t do well at Wet n’ Wild either (or whatever its new name is). Going down steep tubes really fast in water in the dark is just not my idea of fun.
I’m more of a lazy river kinda girl.

So there.
Feel special.
You know lots about me.