Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lately... funny things

Lea Anne, Nicole and I trekked out to one of Ilaria's dance recitals.
I have tried for years to get to see my little Ilaria do her hip hop thing.
Finally--this was my chance.

It was outside of Florence a little bit, so we had all prepared ourselves for a long night- especially since the show didn't start until 9pm.
While taking the bus to meet more of Ilaria's friends to catch a ride to the theater we were in pretty good moods.
Even after being crammed into the back of the Panda was seeming laughable as we embarked on our journey to Campibisensio.

That's right. You've never heard of it.
There's no reason you should've. It is in the middle of nowhere.

We park the car, walk in and find our seats-- ready for a good show.
To be honest, I love watching people dance.
I am excited to see Ilaria and wishing Laura was with me so we good reenact our obsession with "So you think you can dance" in real life.

All these thoughts are put on hold as I take in my surroundings.
Imagine your high school cafetorium and you're on the right track.

We are sitting in folding chairs and staring at a stage decorated with the theater's name: Real Space.
And this is just the beginning.

Lea Anne and I peruse the program and realize that Ilaria is dancing in the 24th performance--out of 36.

Still in good spirits, we sit back and laugh at the cute little girls in tutus staring off to the side of the stage for directions as they spin.
Sometime after the fourth belly dancing number, I start to suffer from a mild headache.
No worries though, I'm tough.

Finally, after an intermission and several performances by Eduardo--a half-naked Italian leaping machine--Ilaria's group is up.
They were great.
So glad we could cheer on our friend.

Mission accomplished.
We began looking for a way out.

We do the round of "ciaos" and bacis to all the other girls and sneak out the back--
determined to call a cab and get home.

Time: 11pm
Hours of Recital endurance: 2 solid hours.
Moods: Tired, but uplifted due to surety of taxi arrival.

Fast forward 30 minutes.
The three of us still standing outside.
Nicole still on the phone reasoning with the taxi company.
The argument?

The street we are on does not exist.

My mild headache has now turned brutal.

Dejected and frustrated, we walk back into the theater.
One of the girls says she will give us a ride home as soon as the show is over.

Time: Midnight
Hours of Recital: 3 loooong hours
Moods: Spiraling down--fast.

After one more belly dance routine, I completely lose it.

Maturity and walking in the Spirit have been thrown out the window.
I am now very raw and very annoyed sitting in Real Space.

My very sweet roommates text me to say they were going to bed and to see where I was, I responded with by saying:
Dance recital hell.

As I said--we unraveled completely.

After two more hours of dancing and award handing out the recital officially ended.

We got a ride back to the center.
I walked Lea Anne home and called a taxi to take me the extra 10 minutes to my house.
I was unwilling to exert any energy walking or fight off any creepos at 2 am.

I fell into bed vowing that if I ever have children and one of them happens to be a girl--I am not signing her up for dance.
An hour long volleyball game--fine.
A two hour piano recital--lovely.

Four hours of (sub par) dancing is unacceptable.
And I do not want my children exposed to any belly dancing or Eduardos until they are 21.

In Related News:

The dancing craze has swept our team.
While at our debrief on the island of Ischia, we managed to get an impromptu celebration of St. John the Baptist day.
Dancing by the pool to live music is by far my favorite way to work of an Italian dinner.

The keyboardist was not used to so many Americane at his shows, so he tried to infuse some American music for us.
When he couldn't remember the words to "I will survive" Nicole decided to help him out.

And when the slow songs started, Emily was Lorenzo's first pick of dance partner.
This is one of my favorite moments of the entire year.


Blogger Jessica said...

You make me laugh outloud!!

I love you and miss you!


5:37 PM  
Anonymous mom said...

you always put a smile on my face. see you soon.

5:34 AM  
Blogger Claire Borne said...


12:17 AM  
Blogger Kat said...

HAHA wow!

I guess people in the south of Italy have smaller dance studios or less like to dance.....Rosita's recital only lasted about 2 hours....but then the dinner we had afterwards at her house lasted till 1am or so.....

dance recitals are an event in Italy!

4:41 AM  

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