Saturday, March 17, 2007

Family fun

Although we have been super busy here in Florence, the most exciting thing to happen lately was my parent's visit!

It was so good to see some very loved faces in the place that I love!
We had a jam-paced week of sightseeing around Florence, a day trip to Siena and a lovely weekend in Cinque Terre.

First on the list, of course, was my favorite coffee bar. I think I successfully got them hooked on cappuccinos!

We saw all the sights of my beloved Firenze and of course, with my dad here, I learned so much about this place!!
Who knew that Dante, Michaelangelo and Galileo are buried in the same church??

On Wednesday we headed off to Siena. The bus ride was quite an expeirence in itself, but here are the highlights of this adorable city.

The intrepid tour guide, history buff, and all around Rick Steve's fan.

Teaching my mom the art of taking pictures of ourselves.

The main piazza in Siena--Il Campo. This is where they have that famous historical horse race--for those of you who know about it.
If you don't--no worries--neither did I.

On the weekend we went to my favorite place in Italy.
Cinque Terre.
Five little fishing villages built into the cliffs, connected by a hiking trail (and a train -but that really doesn't matter).
We also took a little side trip to Santa Margherita Ligure on Sunday.
See below:

Let's just say I fell in love.

Oh yea, and my parents really are this cute.

Thanks for coming you guys!! It was perfect!
If anyone else is interested my tour guide skills are all primed and ready to go!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

che succede

(what's happening)

(Team Flo 2007)

My apologies to the blogging world.
One month in Italy has kept me very busy.
Here's a brief recap of all the fun that's been had.

Matt and Cassie Lewis are back! After some extended support raising in the US, the super fun couple returned with us in February.

We suprised Katie and re-celebrated her birthday Italian style--by going to a Mexican food restaurant!
(Regina and I are so sneaky.)

Kat from the Salerno team visited us one weekend. And I finally got my wish to go to this amazing cafe on top of a building in Piazze Republica. Don't tell me the 4 euro cappuccino wasn't totally worth it!

Matt and I have bonded in our goofy sense of humor.
This is our interpretation of Oliver Twist.
"Please sir, may I have some more?"

We had our first Agape dinner at Nicole's new apartment.
Somehow the topic of mascots came up.
They don't exist in Italy.
Nico learned alot that night.

We did some minor redecorating in our apartment.
Gone are the antique horse sketches and the painting of Lot and his daughters.
(yep that's what I said.)
And I got to paint!!

We met Francesco and his friends on campus one day.
The next day we celebrated his birthday by drinking Perroni.
I still can't believe they sell beer on campus.
(Have I mentioned that ministry in Italy is strange??)

I ran into Berenice at the mensa.
We were friends when I was here on summer project.
She still laughs at the way I say spaghetti, fettuccini and tortellini.

We had a dinner party with Matteo, Simone, Fabio, and Vittorio.
These boys are super funny.
They applaud us when we speak Italian. Literally.
Every five minutes we have to pause for "un'applausa."

So, that's the skinny on my life.
Hope your February was just as fun.