Friday, May 09, 2008

Via Ricasoli

On a crowded street in the center of a bustling Italian city you will find a nondescript door.

As you push your way past the tour groups you can hear the clinking of coffee cups at the bar next door.
The American looking last names are a dead give away--making it easy to know which bell to ring.

After climbing one flight of stairs to the "first floor." you will find my apartment.
Quiet respite from the blur of the city is found in one lime green couch and my two favorites things in Florence.

My roommates.

Kelly and Emily have truly been "God's provision for me" this year.
When life is too crazy, when ministry is hard, when I hit the wall--I can run to them.
When I want to laugh, have a dance party, truly enjoy life --they are my go-to girls.

Team is so much a part of your experience on Stint and I have been so blessed both years in Florence.

Kelly and Emily and I hit it off immediately back in August when we went for a walk in Copper Mountain.
I adore the times we get to process life together. Talking about deep things over nutella and gran cereales.
We laugh and cry and give grace to each other. They continually point me to the cross.

As I recap the things I love about Italy, these two girls are a big part of that.
Even though they aren't technically part of Italy--they are a huge reason why life here is so good.

Who else would go to the antique markets with me?
Who else would watch America's Next Top Model with me?
Who else would run across Piazza Duomo with eggs at midnight with me?
And who else could I convince to finger paint with me?

Living in Italy is pretty great: wonderful food, beautiful countryside, great shopping :).
But so much of enjoying life is about people for me.
At the end of the day, this place is foreign and I still bump up against the differences.
So to be able to come home, drop my bags, share about our days and understand each other--is such a huge blessing.

Kel and Emmy have made this year--they are the highlight.

Behind that nondescript door, in the middle of a big foreign city, across the ocean--I have found life-long friends.


Anonymous Babbo said...

After July Florence is going to lose part of its charm.

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Mom said...

What a sweet, sweet blog....we two have been very thankful for the wonderful roommates the Lord has provided for you these past 2 years.

See you in 11 days!!!
Love U,

your biggest fan

6:52 PM  
Blogger Bev Brandon said...

Love you my dear...
your pictures are always worth
more than thousands of words...
you're a great blogger and
you're a precious girl Sarah!
see you at the village...

9:13 PM  

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